April 24, 2010

Natalia Zukerman, born in 1975, is an American artist and musician raised in Manhattan, New York. She is the daughter of violist/conductor Pinchas Zukerman and flutist/writer Eugenia Zukerman, and the sister of opera singer Arianna Zukerman.

Zukerman’s music is a cross-genre blend of blues, jazz, bluegrass and folk. Her songs are characterized by dense, cryptic lyrics that lack a traditional chorus-verse structure. The subject matter ranges from the whimsical to the metaphysical. Often she tells stories or relates personal observations about life and relationships, but her songs are not “confessional” in nature. Her vocal style reflects strong jazz influences.

Zukerman plays a variety of guitars including acoustic, electric, slide, dobro, lap steel and banjo, but primarily focuses on her Goodall acoustic guitar and vintage 1938 Rickenbacker lap steel guitar. Her guitar playing is described as “fluid and smooth” while she is also acclaimed for her dexterity and nimble fingers.

Reflecting her varied musical roots, Zukerman cites Ma Rainey, Memphis Minnie, Bonnie Raitt, Erika Luckett, Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones and Ani DiFranco among her musical influences. Her first three albums were released on her own independent record label, Talisman Records. In 2008, she released her fourth album on Willy Porter’s Weasel Records label.
Along with her work as singer, songwriter and guitarist, Zukerman is also an accomplished artist specializing in large format drawings and murals.

Joining Natalia this evening is artist, musicain and illustrator – Andy Friedman


“Country beat poetry. . .boatloads of tangible details per verse. Friedman has cobbled together ragged folk, blues, rockabilly, and country, crumbling old images and sterile new ones, as well as restlessness and tender attachment. It makes for a heady, human picture.”

“Friedman is writing some unforgettable songs.”

“A weird, potent strain of art-damaged, ragged-but-right country pathology.”

“Andy Friedman has a dark, singular sense of humor it serves him well as a cartoonist for the likes of the New Yorker, and it serves him even better as an acerbic singer-songwriter with a world-weary delivery and a talent for synthesizing heartache.”

NORTH COUNTRY PUBLIC RADIO was the media sponsor for this event.

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