NYSCALogoGreenOn December 10, 2015, Governor Cuomo announced this year’s Regional Economic Development Council award winners. From its portion of REDC funds, NYSCA awarded 110 projects for a total of nearly $5M. BluSeed Studios is pleased to announce that it received a $47,000 grant award by NYSCA for 2016. These funds will support the development phase of BluSeed’s Professional Arts Educator Development (PAED) program.

paed4BluSeed’s professional development program will bring professional artists and educators to Saranac Lake to increase their knowledge through networking, workshops and exhibitions. The core aspect of this initiative is to advance educational expertise & skills in the studio arts via collaborative teaching, new creative techniques to enrich classes, expanding professional networks, strengthening artistic expression, and exhibiting in a new location, all within a unique setting distinctive from the traditional institutional atmosphere.

Participants will leave the program with an appreciation for Bluseed Studios’ facilities and the richness of Saranac Lake’s artist community and within the context of the unique environmental setting provided in the Adirondack Park. The program will attract renowned artists to supplement BluSeed’s workshops and exhibits, expand BluSeed’s network, and spotlight Saranac Lake as an artist’s village. The Professional Arts Educator Development program will make a significant economic impact. A new position will be created to manage the program and there will be opportunities for area artists to supplement their incomes. Additionally, participants’ appreciation for the Adirondacks and Saranac Lake as an arts/recreation destination will entice them to return with family and friends, thus further strengthening the local economy. BluSeed Studios expects the program to grow over the years and become an important source of operating income that will allow BluSeed to continue to offer space for artists and performers; to encourage diversity though the arts; and offer quality programming, exhibits, and workshops to our community.

paed3Development of the Professional Arts Educator Development program will begin in early 2016 with a needs survey of educators and initial curriculum and program development. Over 15 highly qualified artists and educators have pledged their support and offered their services as consultants in the development of the program. A pilot program will run in October 2016 with an expanded program slated to commence in February 2017.

BluSeed Studios’ Board Chairman, Jim Hotaling, says, “As shown in this successful effort, the leadership of Carol Vossler and Michelle Hannon, combined with our diverse board and the continuing help of others in the arts community, provides a powerful base for enhancing BluSeed’s mission.”

BluSeed Studios is a nonprofit organization whose mission is, “To provide space and opportunities where an artists and educators collaborate, experiment, diverge, exhibit and perform; to move ideas and aesthetics forward and to share this diversity with the community.” BluSeed was the vision of Carol Marie Vossler who in 2001, with the help of family and friends, began transforming a 1930’s era warehouse into studios and a gallery/performance space. It opened in 2003, and its initial board of directors was established in 2006 to guide BluSeed’s future development and further shape Carol’s vision.

paed2Today BluSeed Studios houses a ceramic studio; two printmaking studios including nontoxic intaglio, relief and silkscreen printing, letterpress and book arts; a frame shop; seasonal papermaking studio and a drawing studio/classroom. A 2,000 square foot gallery also serves as a performance space for local, national and international artists and musicians. In addition, BluSeed includes office space, and living space for artists-in-residence. BluSeed Studios is supported by over 150 members, volunteers and a 16 member Board of Directors.

NYS Council on the Arts (NYSCA) is a state agency dedicated to preserving and expanding the rich and diverse cultural resources of New York. NYSCA accepts grant proposals each year from nonprofit organizations incorporated in New York State. NYSCA is organized into artistic discipline-based funding areas. NYSCA accepts grant proposals each year from nonprofit organizations incorporated in New York State and contributed approximately $5 million to this year’s funding through the State’s Regional Economic Development Councils.

paed1In 2011, Governor Cuomo launched the Regional Economic Development Councils (REDC) and the Consolidated Funding Application to provide each region with the tools to create and implement their own roadmap for economic prosperity and job creation. This community-based model uses local assets to drive local economic growth and has resulted in unprecedented partnerships and collaboration that are building a reinvigorated economy.

After four successful rounds, the 2015 REDC program made $750 million in economic development resources available from over thirty programs across thirteen state agencies. The agency programs provide resources for projects focused on community development and job creation, tourism, waterfront revitalization, energy and environmental improvements, sustainability, and low-cost financing. NYSCA is proud to have contributed almost $5 million to this year’s Consolidated Funding Application.

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