In a new collaboration that spotlights the performing arts, BluSeed Studios is helping to raise the curtain on the North Country’s newest theater group, the Adirondack Stage Rats. With the name “stage rat” a homage to those who enjoy doing any and all work connected with live theater, the group was formed by Beth Glover and Karen Lewis to provide challenging roles to local talent in an atmosphere of respect, enthusiasm, and appreciation.

Their first production – a political comedy called “The Fourth Wall” by A.R. Gurney, will open in late February for six performances. Show times are 8 pm.,with the exception of 6 pm on Sunday, Feb. 26. Admission is $10 general and $2 suggestion donation for ages 21 and younger. Tickets available at the door.

The Fourth Wall” serves up wisdom, up-to-the-minute relevance, and a good measure of hilarity. Peggy’s redecoration of her suburban living room has transformed it into something very much like a stage set complete with a blank “fourth wall.” Her husband, Roger, baffled and frustrated by the “stagey” restrictions the room imposes on him, calls an old friend and young drama teacher to help Peggy, who claims that newly elected George W. Bush and his cronies not only object to her unusual interior design, but are trying to kill her. As they attempt to break through to Peggy she dreams of breaking through the wall and traveling to Washington to show George W. Bush how to play nicely with others, share, and not be a bully. But will she succeed or remain walled off in her safe suburban set?

The company looks forward to taking their shows on the road, as their focus on text and acting makes it possible for any space with a few electrical outlets and a performance area of 20-by-12 feet to become a “pop-up theater” for Adirondack Stage Rats. But wherever they travel, they are thrilled to call BluSeed home.

To learn more, become involved, or discuss booking the Rats contact Beth Glover or Karen Lewis at

PERFORMANCE DATES for “The Fourth Wall”:

TUESDAY, FEB. 21 – 8 pm
WEDS., FEB. 22 – 8 pm
THURS., FEB. 23 – 8 pm
SUNDAY, FEB. 26 – 6 pm
MON., FEB. 27 – 8 pm
TUES., FEB. 28 – 8 pm

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