BluSeed Studios “Afternoon Adult Classes” are designed to inspire and advance your inner-artist.  Whether you are retired, have a flexible work schedule, or are high school age and home-schooled, these classes are for you.   A professional BluSeed artist is eager to show you how to tap into your creativity allowing you to attain new skills or advance the ones you already have!.  Classes in this session include painting, printmaking and pottery.

Contact us to register: 518-891-3799, or click on the link for each class to register and pay online.


Beginning Painting Class

Begins February 13 (Tuesday) or 15 (Thursday)

For beginners or those with expertise wanting to improve their technique, the primary goal is the development of an awareness and appreciation of the visual experience and of the limitless possibilities for making things of beauty and delight. Learning based largely on a conscious amassing of visual experiences and the development of seeing, upon which, eventually, to realize one’s own visual language and visual value judgments.

The material fee includes water-based oil paints, brushes and 3 canvas but participants are free to bring their own “water-based” mediums and materials in lieu of the fee.

5-week session Tuesdays or Thursdays
Time: 12:30pm -2:30pm

Price: $150
Drop-in: $45/class
Material Fee: $50

Printmaking:  Discovering Monotypes & Monoprints
Begins Wednesday, Feb 14

This class welcomes all levels of skill in printmaking, from novice to advanced. We will use additive, subtractive and viscosity techniques, adding layers of interest and intrigue to your print as well as your knowledge.  The monotype experience allows for a free and experimental way to practice the transfer of ink onto paper.

A monotype is one printed image, which does not have any form of matrix. On the other hand, a monoprint has some form of basic matrix. The process of creating a monoprint or a monotype is the same, but when doing monotypes, the artist works on a clean and unetched plate; with monoprints, however, there is always a pattern or part of an image which is constantly repeated in each print. Artists often use etched plates or some kind of pattern such as lace, leaves, fabric or even rubber gaskets, to add texture. In this case, having a repeated pattern, we have a monoprint.

5-week session Wednesday, beginning Feb. 14
Time: 12:30pm -2:30pm
Price: $150
Drop-in: $45/class
Material Fee: $50

Begins Wednesday, March 13

More details coming! All levels welcome.
Meets eight weeks on Wednesdays, starting Wed, March 13.
Time: 10 am to noon
Price: $275
Call 518-891-3799 or email to register.

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