Cree Scudder: “Over the Rainbow and Out of the Box”

Thursday, August 15th – Saturday, September 14th, 2019

A video overview of the show, including Cree’s remarks during the Opening can be seen here.


Mermaids Picnic

Mixed Media, 16″ x 40″


Growing, Growing Pains

Mixed -Media on Birch, 10″ x  22″

Cree Scudder – Artist Statement


I am being tested – the time has come that I must define myself. And, the first thing that comes to mind is: I am an artist in process.


My art —  my paintings are reflections of my state of mind. I once decided I was simply on overload, but then I realized that my “data bank of colors, images, and surroundings” were defining me. I can’t stop now in exploring my treasures, I just have to keep working onward and allow myself to continue processing.


Upon reflection, I realize my artistic study, which began in the 80’s, opened my mind to a world that I connected with deeply inside. I couldn’t get enough art – putting pencil to paper or paint on canvas, touring museums with instructors or listening to artists talk about their journeys. But, as the priorities of life interfered, I only dabbled and yearned for the day I could take a deeper look into art exploration.


Our family moved to San Diego in 1997 and I started on an art tangent that reinforced my Princeton experiences. I began to connect my artistic growth beyond Cezanne, Morandi, Gabriel Munter whose works I had explored at the Princeton University Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. Suddenly I expanded my research to contemporary artists right in La Jolla. The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Stuart Collection and the Athenaeum School of the Arts became my new playgrounds/sandboxes. Oh my gosh, here I was seeing artwork with color and flare that exceeded my expectations and I was meeting some living artists who I could talk to and stand inside their studios. Artists like Manny Farber, Ellsworth Kelly, Alida Cervantes, Teddy Cruz, Jeanne Lowe and Ken McConnell. I could stop by the Quint Gallery and chat with Mark Quint to learn more about the artists he represented, his deep passion for art, collecting and his willingness to help me explore and learn more about art expression. (Note, as curator of his show for the Escondido Museum, Mark did an outstanding job representing his many San Diego artists! It was an awesome exhibition!)


Yes…I fell off the deep end and visually I am flabbergasted by what is!


And, here I am testing myself, exploring my data bank of visual treats and now creating my journey. I am stuck on connections: spatial relationships, my collection of “stuff” and how the pieces relate. I can’t stop now…I must keep searching, exploring what is, using every tool I can, mixing every color I have to add to my palette while restraining myself from going off course.


Forgive my exploration, but as I have said, I am an artist in process. Lucky me!!!


May 2019

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