BluSeed Studios Winter 2020 Pottery Classes

Eight classes, meeting once a week from 6pm-8pm.  Enrolled participants have access to the studio during the 8 weeks except when classes are in session.  Class size is limited to 7 students.

Fee: $280 per person.

To register:  call 518-891-3799 or email

Beginner Pottery Class

Thursday with Kerri Zeimann: (Begins:1/30 ends 3/17/20)

In this eight-week class you will learn the basics of how to make objects out of clay. The clay that we use in this class is mid-range stoneware, fired to Cone 6 (2230 degrees Fahrenheit). We will learn several techniques on shaping the clay. Together we will explore some hand-building techniques but most of the emphasis will be exploring wheel throwing and learning how to make basic radially symmetrical shapes. Throughout the coming weeks you will familiarize yourself with this material and develop a “relationship” with it. Learning how to work with clay can be as equally frustrating as it is rewarding. The more time you spend working and being attentive to the clay, the more you will understand it as a material. The more you understand the material, the tools, and the processes we use to manipulate it, the easier it will be to mold it to your desired end result.

Advanced Beginner Class

Mondays with Carol Marie Vossler: (Begins 2/3– 3/23/20)  

This class is designed for those who have some knowledge of the clay/pottery process as well as the glazing and firing fundamental. The student may still need time to hone their centering and throwing skills, or choose to hand-build rather than work on the wheel.  The student is encouraged to: research, plan and make simple sketches of various kinds of pottery in order to understand the anatomy of the vessel; establish self -driven goals and objectives, in order to  recognize specific entry points during the clay process, in order to improve their throwing or hand building techniques as well as the quality of their work.

Intermediate to Advanced Class

Tuesdays with Peter Shrope: (Begins Tuesday 1/28- 3/17/20)

In this class, led by master potter and sculptor Peter Shrope, the student-potter will view demonstrations of more advanced techniques, and be given weekly projects to develop intermediate skills, focusing on design and function of a well-made pot.  This class is not for beginners; students must feel comfortable centering and throwing a cylinder.  This class will also focus on glaze making techniques and chemistry and is perfect for those who would like to learn how to expand their glazing techniques and color palette.

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