A Moment's Time

Jessica Jeffery & Shaun Ondak

Jessica Jeffery

“I believe that the act of making something changes the maker and that we are altered by what we see. Therefore I gently fashion us all into some kind of creature that can gracefully tread that vast scope of experience between wonder and terror”

Shaun Ondak

“At night when the sky opens up, I seem to escape behind the stars and the possibilities seem endless. You never know what will come out of a dark space if you just expose it in its proper time.” He then adds, “The unknown factor of finding something at night and photographing it reveals hidden elements that would otherwise go unnoticed. Allowing extreme exposures increases the perception of time and the tranquilities that otherwise would be unfound in a simple snap-shot.”

BluSeed Studios proudly presents A Moment’s Time

2010 Artists in Residence Exhibition

“A Moment’s Time” will feature the mono prints of Jessica Jeffery and photography of Shaun Ondak. Jeffery and Ondak are BluSeed Studios 2010 Artist in Residence. Jessica works in the printmaking studio creating unique prints using Xerox transfers and celestial textures. Shaun’s digital photography is a collection of narrative “nightscapes” from the surrounding area.

Jessica Jeffery uses her mono prints in an attempt to slow down the sense of time out of control, connect with the lineage of printmaking and incorporate new discoveries in science and culture. Jeffery is happy to be back home in the Adirondacks after a long string of travels and the completion of her BFA in Printmaking at the Maine College of Art.

Shaun Ondak grew up on the edge of the Niagara River just outside Buffalo. He spent most of his time involved in sports and other outdoor activities. Prior to finishing college he spent a year in Australia where he purchased his first SLR camera. His fascination with photography began with the Australian environment and now continues within the Blue Line. Shaun now resides in Saranac Lake as an Artist in Residence at BluSeed Studios. He is in charge of the framing and digital printing studio.

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