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The Language of Naute

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Glen Rogers
Glen Rogers and Carol Vossler met two years ago during the International Print Exchange between here home in Mazatlan Mexico and Saranac Lake. Glen Rogers is an internationally acclaimed artist whose art includes paintings, prints, drawings, and public sculpture. Her work is inspired by ancient symbols carved on rocks and cave walls around the world. She uses archetypal symbols that are informed by sacred geometry and the infinite forms in nature. Her work, which has an undeniable feminine quality, is both mystical and meditative and transcends into the spiritual realm.

Carol Marie Vosler
Vossler is founder of BluSeed Studios and a full time faculty member on North Country Community College. In this particular print series she states, “This newest body of work, includes traditional and contemporary printmaking methods”. “The images themselves continue to question our place in the environment and how our encroachment reveals the impact of our presence, no matter how minimal”. “In nature, there are signs informing us what is happening – some are etched in shells and stones, some in the wind and others, such as a found shark, rotting on the beach with it’s jaw missing.” “Convention has taught many that what and how we react to these signs is an individual choice but I believe that time is over and it is time to start acting collectively to solve the environmental problems we face.”

Monotypes & Unique prints by Glen Rogers & Carol Marie Vossler

w/special guest poet Vince Quatroche & Dan Berggren Sound & Word Performance

Date: November 11, 2011 5:30pm
Mic Time: Galley Talk & Sound/Word Collaboration at 7pm
Print Exhibition: Language of Nature runs through December 11, 2011
Place: BluSeed Studios – 24 Cedar St. Saranac Lake, NY

BluSeed Studios is proud to announce a special evening of art, word and sound on November 11, 2011 titled “The Language of Nature”. This “Happening”, will bring together four artists, Glen Rogers, Carol Vossler, Dan Berggren and Vince Quatroche. Visual artists Rogers & Vossler will be presenting monotypes and unique prints that were inspired by sacred spaces and places found in nature. Vince Quatroche and Dan Berggren have been friends and collaborators for over 30 years, and for one night the urban poet and rural musician will intersect again at BluSeed. Together their musical stories and spoken word soundscapes explore shadows, echoes and promises, broken and kept. The exhibition, will host a meet the artist reception begins at 5:30pm and the gallery talk and performance will begin at 7:00pm. “The Language of Nature” exhibition will run through December 11, 2011.

Dan Berggren has been collecting, writing, and singing folk music of the Adirondacks for the past 30 years. He grew up in the mountains on the land farmed by his mother’s family and worked in the woods. on a forest ranger’s crew and a survey crew. Hearing stories and songs from local friends and neighbors, Dan has developed a style that captures the spirit of the mountains and nature that will add significance to this new exhibition.

BluSeed Studios is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide space where artists have the opportunity to experiment, diverge, exhibit and perform; to move ideas and aesthetics forward; to share this diversity with the community. BluSeed Studios is a member supported not-for-profit organization. Membership information is available at

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