BluSeed Creative Classrooms Project Professional Development Retreats

Experience New Life Strategies while Exploring the Adirondacks!

BluSeed StudiosCreative Classroom Project invites all educators and other professionals for year round CTLE approved art integrated workshops. The sessions are designed to improve your classroom initiatives and strategies while vacationing in the Adirondack Mountains with your family!

Art integration specialist Carol Marie Vossler will share: authentic STEAM & Project Based Learning (PBL) lessons; curricular mapping examples using core content standards in E/LA, Social Sciences, Math & Science and matching them with core Art standards; related essential questions, 21 Century skills and  assessments.  Vossler states “Art centered learning increases student’s cognitive development, discovery and self-improvement and I am eager to share these concepts with all”!

  • Develop by doing! Foster your creativity with unique studio, music or drama workshops that you know will work!
  • Experience mindful reflection techniques, Visual Teaching Strategy (VTS) discussions with others
  • Connect with nature: Family friendly schedule so that you earn your credits while still having time to enjoy activities with those you love
  • Renew yourself and your life passion in historic Saranac Lake, renowned arts and cultural hub of the Adirondacks.
  • Special trips to local museums
  • Integrated culinary lessons and demonstrations for those interested in extended CTLE hours

The Lodge on Lake Clear

Our Lodging Partners offer special rates for Creative Classroom attendees & their families!


Come for the Day or Make it a Getaway!  Earn Continuing Teachers Leadership Credits (CTLE)

These Professional Development days are all about you, the stories you care to tell and what classroom activities interest you the most!

  • When it comes to your students, classroom, colleagues and school you know what you need, to best serve your students, know we support you and hope to help you along the way!  
  • We are here to share, listen to your ideas and celebrate your passion as educators.
  • All the workshops are student driven following a “project based learning”  approach while learning art integration strategies.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to learn in a variety of settings including an iconic Adirondack arts center, a Great Camp lodge and nature-based sites.
  • All in the setting of the beautiful and restorative Adirondack Park. The CCP program is ideal for the whole family to take a quality vacation, as one of the members acquires credits or comes to classes for self improvement/interest.
Make YOUR mark in Education!
Handmade Paper

Make handmade paper while at BluSeed!

You will always remain a part of our CCP family!  If you need our assistance bringing art-centered learning to your classroom or school, Carol Marie Vossler, is a certified art integration specialist.  She will work with you and your colleagues to…

Identify Using Arts Integration, together we can discover where in your own classroom or school the types of lessons and strategies you are using and agree to build your integration program from there.
Develop Curriculum *Curricular mapping between content and art core-standards are one of the key challenges; everyone matters and it is important to see both sides before making decisions. Alignment creates balance and equality, which in turn creates harmony.   When it comes to your lessons we recognize that you know what you need to best serve your students.
Quantify Assessments are necessary to guide lessons and students through an art integration approach. I show how to create authentic **Diagnostic, Formative and Summative assessments that involve and   inform the students from the start. The outcomes will show the students academic success ,leading to   improved classroom behavior and better attendance records.
Evaluate Coaching teachers and administrators through the art integration involves peer coaching. I can help by organizing pre-conferences, class observations and post-conferences discussions. More importantly this creates a mindful-transition allowing the teachers to adapt to the new methods.
Support Use the *Teachers Interest Survey” to help assess educators individual teaching/learning preferences and interests keeps everyone involved. Students should not be left out of the process. Use the *”Student Interest Survey” as well.   As change is implemented, transparency will be maintained and educator’s pain points and/or technical skills addressed
Leader Mentor Coach I am alert to group dynamics and aware how change can create an uneasy atmosphere. Using collaborative *strategies, listening to individual ideas and acknowledging them in a non-judgmental way is how I can help your school transition into an arts integration model. Strategize together on * “What our Why’s” can ensure success and dismiss doubt.
  • Creative Classrooms Project invites educators to year-round arts integration and multi-day workshops, earning Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credits. Here at BluSeed Studios, hands-on collaboration meets innovative curricula, studio experience and exhibiting opportunities in a supportive environment.
  • BluSeed is a New York State Education (NYSED) approved Continuing Leadership Teacher Education (CTLE) sponsor.  Each participant will be provided with appropriate documentation of participation. Participants are responsible for meeting any district requirements for pre-approval prior to the event and for understanding how CTLE credits apply to their particular certification requirements.
  • BluSeed’s Creative Classrooms program is funded in part through New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), and we work in partnership with New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA).  Ask about our special discounts for all NYSATA members.

Information on CTLE can be found at:

Why Art Centered Learning is Relevant

For Educators

Art Integration and art centered learning bridge curriculums together.  CCP workshop leaders are eager to share their knowledge on the various stages of art integration. Most importantly to celebrate your school, your hard work and the dedication it takes to stay passionate to your vocation
“We can get stuck in a rut, overwhelmed by day-to-day activities. No time to think new. Or, we have plenty of ideas but no energy to implement them” remarked Cathy Hohmeyer, Executive Chef & Nutritional Energetics specialist at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat. “ All of us are creative and often this part of us is put in the background and we are left without one of our most powerful tools – our imagination and creativity. Unleashing this can be fun, can offer a new approach and re-energize us. This can be done from learning to food and that’s the purpose of these Creative Learning Retreats.”



BluSeed Studios’ Creative Classrooms Project and the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat have partnered to develop a series of participant-driven Creative Learning Retreats.  You can come for 1 day or stay for the whole weekend.  Each session is flexible and structured so you can earn your CTLE credits with your family in mind. 

Our calendar is not meshing with your? Not a problem!

  • Groups: We would love to help you design your own art-centered professional development program that best suits the needs of your group and calendar!  We are available any day, season or time!  Choose your topic and medium and leave the rest to us! 
  •  Choose from:  Paper-making & Pulp-painting(late spring-summer-fall) ~  Painting ~ Photography ~ Printmaking/Book Arts ~ Enameling ~ Ceramics (2 day only) ~ Music ~ Drama 
  • To Register: Click on the Workshop of your choice (all sessions may not yet be linked)
  • Questions: email or call 518-891-3799
    • 2019 Schedule
    • January Friday 18th or Friday 25th:  Freedom & The Press: Learn how to make a Broadside print!  Discuss how words & meanings influence culture then create your own poster/text
    • February Friday 15 & 16th or  Friday 22nd & 23rd:  Shaping New Ways of Seeing: Using Mathematics & Physics to make a clay vessel!  Alter a clay vessel using centripetal force and mathematical formulas! (Special arrangements can be made if you are unable to bring your vessel home)
    • Friday March 1st or Saturday March 2nd (both same): Looking Below the Surface: The Science & Aesthetic of Marbling Paper
    • Friday April  5 : A Sense of Place” : Living in the landscape, discover the renewel of spring as it emerges from snow. 
    • July 15th – 17th or 18th – 20th “All Together Now”  Orff Music Creative Learning Getaway : The same workshop is offered two different times  Fun for the whole family!  No musical experience necessary!
    • Friday September 27: Discover Math & Sciene in Plein Air Painting-  You will be guided you through a unique style of composing a plein painting during the peak of the Adirondack autumn colors.

Sample Schedule 1 day Schedule (multiple day schedules are available on event links!)

Friday (fall & winters begin and end 1hour later than said schedule below) 6 CTLE credits

  • 7:00 am: Introductions & sharing 
  • 7:30 am- 8:50: Relevance of Art Integration & How to implement authentic STEAM & PBL lesson plans/ assessments into your classroom ; group break-outs
  • 9:00-11:30- “Learn by Doing” -Demonstrate studio workshop- work on art-centered learning project

11:30-3:15 Enjoy your own Adirondack experience with family or all can come on an approved CTLE *museum tour or other activity! (* museums & activities are season dependent)

  • 3:30pm- 5:00pm: Continue “Learn by Doing”
  • 5:00- 6:00pm Reflection- Review Assessment Strategies- Share strategies that work 
  • Integrating Art & Content

Integrate Culinary & Health
Experience Nutritional Energetics with specialist Executive Chef & Occupational Therapist Cathy Hohmeyer.
Learn to “nutrify” your foods and enhance our bodies energy systems.
  • From ancient teachings of energy fields to new work on the importance of our bodies information systems – responsible for transmitting tonics to respond to deficiencies – must also be “fed” with  nutrients to optimize their strength. Cathy has created her own energetic program beginning with fundamentals and how you can do simple things at your kitchen at home to more advanced multi-dimensional mind, body and spirit, holistic nutrition. A few brief examples include:
    • The Color of Food. Learn the easy way to nutrition, know your foods colors, each color is a nutrient. Enjoy & learn about fresh maple sap and syrup – It’s Adk Maple time!
    • The New World of Nutrified Food. What is it? How can you do it at home? From the basics to the advanced nutritional energetics and what it may mean to you.
    • Superfoods & Superherbs. What are they? How best to maximize their potential. 10 easy ways to incorporate them into your menu.
    • And so much more…

BluSeed is a New York State Education (NYSED) approved Continuing Leadership Teacher Education (CTLE) sponsor.  Each participant will be provided with appropriate documentation of participation. Participants are responsible for meeting any district requirements for pre-approval prior to the event and for understanding how CTLE credits apply to their particular certification requirements. BluSeed’s Creative Classrooms program is funded in part through New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), and we work in partnership with New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA).  Ask about our special discounts for all NYSATA members.

Information on CTLE can be found at:



Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Lake Clear and our region is one of the oldest travel destinations in the Adirondack Park. We think civilization started here as many have said it is a portal! A combination of 5 Native American tribes, early explorers, our internationally recognized place to come for cure during the Cure Cottage days, the Olympics in 1932 & 1980, the pristine nature creating the Great Camps and Grand Hotel, our strategic geographic point between the Canadian rum runners and metro New York during Prohibition made for an illustrious history and the Lodge now stands as the oldest continuing operating Great Camp with many Fireside stories to tell. Plus, Ernest was the founding director of an Adirondack Park Sustainable development effort that won National recognition for its innovative initiatives so who better to give a broad picture in a fun and informative way?! The Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat is one of the last original Adirondack lodges open to the public where your room is 25 acres of woods and water with tranquil beach with one of the most spectacular mountain-lake sunsets in the Adirondack Park., 518-891-1489 For additional lodging options, please visit  

Hotel Saranac

Offering mountain views, this upscale hotel in a stately 1927 redbrick building and a modern annex is a block from Highway 3 and 3 miles from skiing at the Mt. Pisgah Recreation Center.


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