Pottery & Ceramics

BluSeed Studios offers a 1000-sq.ft. fully equipped ceramics studio.

The space includes seven electric wheels and one kick wheel, a slab roller for hand building/sculpture, glazing slip cast areas, two electric kilns, an outdoor gas kiln and an outdoor raku kiln. Classes are offered in the fall and winter for both beginner and advanced levels. There are also a variety of workshops offered throughout the summer, including workshops for children through our BluSeedlings program.

Ceramic Studio Rental and Use Policy


BluSeed Studios Ceramic Studio provides students the equipment, space and resources to successfully create individual work. It is a valuable community teaching facility and many levels of classes have been held concurrently with great success. It has also accommodated professional or emerging artists and casual craftspeople for over four years.


Only artists who have formal education in ceramics will be allowed to rent the facilities. Others who have become proficient in using the equipment at BluSeed Studios through taking workshops and/or instruction at BluSeed will also be considered for eligibility to rent the ceramic studio.

Rental Use Policy

BluSeed Studios Pottery & Ceramics Studio

To accommodate use of the studio by professional artists and craftsperson’s in addition to holding classes and workshops for the community, the board has adopted the following fee and use structure:

* Open Studio space is only available for rental in between class sessions or the summer.

* Currently the ceramic studio operates on a friendly and casual open door policy. The studio is available 24/7. There are security cameras in the parking lot, hallway and gallery for your safety.

* Materials are not included. All material must be approved by the Artistic Director or acting Studio Technician.

* If artist would like to use BluSeed materials, the cost of that material will be in addition to the rental and price will be determined at time of rental.

* The artist must take all material, waste and product with them after the lease expires.

* Any useful material or product left will be either recycled or absorbed by BluSeed Studios.

* If the space is in need of any clean-up, disposal or repair of any material, then an additional charge will be sent to the artist.

* All must read and sign the general studio policy agreement as well as the ceramic studio policy agreement.

* The artist must keep their workspace, work and all materials in a neat manner.

Casual or Emerging Professional: 20 hours/month: $120.00 (one shelf).

* A casual or emerging professional is one who has taken classes and is still developing their skills and knowledge in ceramics.

* A professional who holds an art degree and would like to rent on a part-time basis.

Professional Artist: $250.00/month (includes 2 large shelves).

* One who holds a degree in art and has been making a living as an artist or art educator defines Professional Artist.

* Shows proficient skill and life experience in this particular studio and is approved by the Artistic Director.

Kiln Firing: Electric Kilns/Cone 6 Stoneware & Seasonal Gas Fire Kiln Cone 10.

If artist use clay from BluSeed the price of firing and house glazes are included in the price of the clay.

If artists uses their own clay and glazes the price of Kiln firing is

* $50./cycle (bisque & finish)

* The artist must recycle their own clay and keep their material separate from BluSeed Studios material

* Any negligent damage done to the kiln shelves or kiln (over glaze, explosions or improper loading) the artist will be held responsible and will have to fix or pay for the damage.

  • A kiln-firing calendar has been established. Firing for enrolled and paid student work will always take precedent over professional and personal kiln use.

Currently the ceramic studio operates on a friendly and casual open door policy. The studio is available virtually 24/7. Other studios have an open hour schedule and or/additional fees for “key holders”. While we do not operate in this manner at the current time this aspect may change if space demand becomes an issue.

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