Printmaking & Book Arts

Three separate studios: Intaglio, Silkscreen & Letterpress

There are three separate studios for nontoxic printing (intaglio, monotype relief), silkscreen printing, letterpress and a clean space for bookbinding. Each space is designed with the professional artist in mind. Workshops are available for the beginner, and studio access is available for those who have taken a class or who have experience working in this medium. Artists must provide own inks, and paper.

Printmaking & Letterpress Studio Rental and Use Policy


BluSeed Studios Printmaking and Letterpress Studio provide artists and students the equipment, space and resources to successfully create individual work. As a valuable community teaching facility many levels of classes have been held with great success. The studios have also been a place for professional, emerging, and casual artists for over four years.


Only artists who have formal education in printmaking and/or use of the letterpress will be allowed to rent the facilities. Others who have become proficient in using the equipment at BluSeed Studios through taking workshops and/or instruction at BluSeed will also be considered for eligibility to rent the print or letterpress studios.

Rental Use Policy

To accommodate use of the studio by artists in addition to holding classes and workshops for the community, the following fee and use structure is in place.

  • Daily: The artist who wants daily access to the studio and equipment will be charged $8 per hour or 50 for a full day.
  • Limited Monthly Access: The artist has access to the equipment and space at a cost of $100 per month not to exceed 20 hours per month.
  • Monthly Access Plus: Professional artists using a portion of the studio as personal space (drawer and shelving space for inks and tools) will pay $200.00 not to exceed 60 hours per month.

The artist must provide their own personal supplies i.e. paper, inks, plates and large rollers (Each studio has available a variety of incidental tools such as small brayers)

The artist must keep their workspace, work and all materials in a neat manner and will not impose on the common workspace during scheduled class times.

BluSeed provides presses; Praga Etching Press and Vandercook Universal 3 Letterpress, nipping press, drying racks, Exposure Units, glass tables, small hand tools, dremel, and commonly used materials. Use of all equipment must be in accordance with established practices as well as observing any specific use policies established by BluSeed Studios.

If professional assistance is needed it is available at a rate of $20 per hour. This includes, but is not limited to, mixing special baths, cutting paper, plate preparations or extra printing assistance.

Open Hours will be posted and available for sign up on a first come / first serve basis. During open studio time, no more than two artists should schedule the Studio at the same time.

(These guidelines may be adjusted for individual situations only by approval of the Studio Committee)

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