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April FUN Drive 2024
has concluded!
Goal: $20,000.00
$$ Raised: $5000.00

Donations accepted year round!
Donate Today!

Where are these funds going, you ask? Operational Support!

We are always needing more support in our basic
operations. Heating, water, sewer, electricity…you know the deal. ALSO, we are planning on buying TWO new
pottery wheels for our Ceramics Studio. We currently only have four but have room for six. This will open more
spots for students to sling some clay. We will be capping the ceiling in our Print Studio; a project which will seal
off all the dust and particles that fall from the sky onto artwork. We will also be purchasing a new drying rack
and teaching table. These items are a MUST for our studios to keep growing and moving forward.
Will you help us continue to grow?
You can donate by cash, check, and credit card.


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