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BluSeed Studios introduces people to the arts by teaching basic skills in ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and  more via workshops and classes.


We also provide professional studio space for artists seeking creative growth or those who would like to experiment with different mediums. Access to the art studios can be attained through: BluSeed membership, weekly, quarterly or bi-annual studio fees, internships and residencies, or attending a class or a workshop.


We are a community arts center with a goal to meet our community members where they are, if you are interested in taking a class but cannot financially make it happen please contact Marissa at 518-891-3799 or We will do our best to work with you and get you making art, no one will be turned away!

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Meet the Studios

Image by Taylor Heery



Textile/Fabric Arts

print class.jpg


Image by Amador Loureiro


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