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Our Mission

Provide a space and promote a shared environment where artists, educators and community members have the  opportunity to learn and participate, experiment and diverge, exhibit and perform, move ideas and aesthetics forward, and to share this diversity as an all-inclusive gateway to artistic experience.


In March 2001, founder Carol Marie Vossler (visit Carol's new website:, with the help of a business partner, family and friends, began transforming a 7000-square-foot, neglected train warehouse into a home for BluSeed Studios, Inc.


Built in 1930, the building was originally used as a hardware store and warehouse to hold cast-iron pipes and fittings that were unloaded directly off freight trains. Later it housed a cobbled living and retail space and storage space for antiques. During the renovation, care was taken to retain the industrial feel of the space. In 2002 the doors opened and BluSeed studios came to life with wedding celebrations, art exhibitions, concerts and community meetings hosted by other organizations. Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit,  BluSeed has evolved to the next level, moving forward under the assistance and guidance of a the board of directors, passionate in their efforts to “connect the community to the arts.” BluSeed Studios is active year round with exhibits, concerts, classes and other programming, for all ages.


what we offer

BluSeed Studios is a nonprofit artist workspace dedicated to the creation, promotion and presentation of the arts in the North Country. We offer ceramics, printmaking, drawing, and frame studios, adult and children’s workshops, and performance/exhibition space. Outdoor space is also available


We also provide professional studio space for artists seeking creative growth or those who would like to experiment with different mediums. Access to the art studios can be attained through: BluSeed Friendship, weekly, quarterly or bi-annual studio fees, internships and residencies, or attending a class or a workshop.

We are a community arts center with a goal to meet our community members where they are, if you are interested in taking a class but cannot financially make it happen please contact Marissa at 518-891-3799 or We will do our best to work with you and get you making art, no one will be turned away!

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