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Brittany Sternberg

Brittany Sternberg is an artist who lives and works in Saranac Lake. She is co-owner of ADK ArtRise, an arts education center where she enjoys helping people of all ages find joy in the act of making. She is a crafter extraordinaire with a bachelors degree from SUNY Brockport and a unique education in tile work from her job as the manager of a hardware and flooring store. Her determination to repurpose materials knows no bounds, and her passion to make Saranac Lake a welcoming, inclusive and joyful community fuels her in all endeavors.

The Project

This past fall, Brittany joined a discussion with David Epstein-HaLevi of the Adirondack Diversity
Initiative, and Rachel Karp, the executive director of the chamber of commerce about creative ways to
encourage college students to interact with the community. From that initial conversation, an idea
began to take shape about a mural that could reflect our community back to itself, while fostering a
sense of inclusion, welcoming and belonging. The goal of the mural is not just to create a work of art,
but also to include input from the community into the design. The mural will be created in small
sections, with open conversations from the specific populations we are trying to reflect. Thanks to
BluSeed Studios and Pendragon Theatre, Brittany will launch a women empowerment piece. Discussion
dates to be announced!

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