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Jazen Reuss

Jazen Reuss is a ceramic artist currently based in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Reuss is a
graduate of SUNY Potsdam, with a BFA concentrating in ceramics. Though her roots are in sculptural
ceramics, she now makes a wide array of functional wares as well - everything from hardy kitchenware to delicate jewelry. Much of the inspiration for her work, especially the sculptural work, comes from time spent outside observing the natural world. Plants, insects, and animals - if one looks closely they are all such magnificent works of art in themselves. Reuss hopes to highlight some of these marvelous qualities that might otherwise go unnoticed by most, to bring to light the little wonders that are continuously happening around us. Reuss also has her own small business, Dirt Nap Ceramics. Through all of her work, recycling and sustainability play a huge part in the process. All clay scraps from the creating processes are 100% recycled into new clay. Work that is broken post-firing is saved and is destined to be crushed into walkway "stone". Additionally, nearly all of the packing material used to pack and ship work is recycled straight from other businesses in town.

The Project

We Are Mountain is a ceramic bead mural project by Jazen Reuss and Brooke Armstrong that invites the
Saranac Lake and North Country communities to create a mural. A Mountain, made of many layers of
sediment, symbolizes the people and parts that make it what it is: strong, solid and lush. Reuss will hold
bead making workshops throughout the year to make beads with the community. Armstrong will hold a
workshop on how to assemble the mural as well as have open artist hours for the community to see the
construction of the mural between June 3-17th, 2024.

No events at the moment
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